Black Soldier Fly Farm was established in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Our ambition is to solve the food waste problem and provide the sustainable high value food source for pet, fish and poultry farming.

Why Black Soldier Fly?

black soldier fly

Waste Treatment

Convert food waste into a sustainable source of protein.

black soldier fly

Sustainable Food

The black soldier fly larvae will help to reduce the pressure on the ocean and feed the animal.

black soldier fly


Black soldier flies are friendly to humans and animals because they only drink when become adult.

black soldier fly

Low Cost Investment

Breading black soldier flies don't require to have big capital, you can start as little as you have.

black soldier fly

High-Protein Foods

BSF contains up to 40% protein and 30% fat, a premium food for livestock, aquaculture and pet feed products.

black soldier fly

Anyone Can Do It

We will help and show you how to breed the black soldier fly. Black soldier flies will be suitable for tropical climates.


is the number of eggs an adult Black Soldier Fly can lay at any one time.

0 wks

is the average lifespan of
a Black Soldier Fly.

0 g

of Black Soldier Fly are produced from only 1g of eggs.

0 kg

of feed is required to produce for as much as 1kg of Black Soldier Larvae.


Black Soldier Fly Larvae is
a great protein source for animal feed

Black Soldier Fly Larvae is a great alternative to replace fish meal


Black Soldier Fly Larvae For Sale

Our Team

black soldier fly

Lucy Hoang

Business Analyst
Lucy has more than 10 years as a business lecturer in Can Tho University. She is focusing on finding ways to achieve greater value from the change initiatives.
black soldier fly

Steven Truong

Project Manager
Steven has more than 4 years of experiences in sustainable farming in Viet Nam. Steven brings his knowledge to the team with the goal to contribute more value to the community by providing sustainable source of food.
black soldier fly

Vincent Tran

Project Assistant
Vincent supports the team optimize the benefits of change management and archive the project outcome.
black soldier fly

Jenny Do

Operations Assistant
Jenny's main focus is to provide management support and facilitating the team to accomplish BSF Farm's mission.