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Black Soldier Fly breading

The ability of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) to convert waste into high-quality nutrient biomass opens the new alternative for the sustainable food source for animal feed. When we have any species breeding, there are three important factors that affect survivorship, growth, and development of that species, particularly the BSF. Those are the environment, food, and water. Let’s dive deep into the environment – the temperature this time so we can better understand what is the optimal conditions for mass production the BSF.

The ideal temperature for Black Soldier Fly

The researchers conducted the experiments from the temperature from 10 to 42°C with the relative humidity 70%. The temperature effect on the longevity of the BSF each stage. Bellows are the summary of what they found out:

Egg – Incubated at 15°C was 14 days, significant higher than incubated at 35°C which was only 2.60 days. If eggs were at 10°C to 42°C, they would completely not liveable.

Larvae – 62 days at 15 °C , around 12 days at 30°C and 16 days at 35 °C.

Pre-pupa – Longest development time was around 84 days at 15°C and shortest time 9 days at 30°C

Overall, the development time ranged between 28 days at 30°C to 184 days at 15°C. There is a clear pattern shows that BSF larvae growths were slower when the environment falls below 20°C.

The highest number of eggs was found at 30°C and significantly affected at 15°C and 37°C.


From the above result, now we know the ideal temperature for BSF mass production is around 25°C to 30°C, while 35°C is very unfavourable. For the transportation of the live BSF larvae or egg, the storage temperature at 20°C is ideal to increase the longer life span and avoid the early egg incubation during the shipment.

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Threshold temperatures and thermal requirements of black soldier fly Hermetia illucens: Implications for mass production