Black soldier fly larvae for chickens
Black soldier fly larvae for chickens

Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) provides a high value and sustainable source of protein for the poultry industry, other animals and will continue to do so in the future. It will also contribute tremendous value outside the agriculture industry such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Is the Black soldier fly larvae safe to be an animal feed?

BSF contains up to 40% protein and 30% of fat and protein is one of the essential for the development and growth of the animals. There are numerous studies around the world have shown that BSFL can safely be used as a protein source to replace fishmeal which currently put a lot of pressure on our oceans.

In a research on the topic ” if the BSFL meal can replace fish meal in diets of sea-water Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)”, the researcher found that replacing fish meal with BSFL did not affect the growth performance. The outcome also indicated that BSFL is a nutritionally appropriate source of protein for Atlantic salmon. In the other journal article from Springer Science, the results suggest that replacing of fish meal with BSFL was not only not affect the growth performance, but also the body weight gains significantly.

Organic chicken farm with Black Soldier Fly

We have successfully farmed in the small scale of the free-range chicken and quail in Viet Nam with BSFL, this results in saving up to 80% of feeding cost. Our product can be labelled as an organic chicken because the chickens are feed with the organic food, receive no antibiotics and have decent outdoor space. If you haven’t feed your animal with BSFL before, we are confident to recommend you try BSFL as the stockfeed and you will see BSFL’s benefits.

Black Soldier Fly Farm Australia

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BSF farm locates in Darwin, Northern Territory Mr Vincent 0478 932 723. We supply Black Soldier Fly Larvae – organic high protein foods to pet lover, pet retailer, poultry farm. Great foods to feed the chicken, fish, quail, pet in Australia. You can also send us the message at the Contact page

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