Black soldier fly benefits

Black soldier fly (BSF) has a binomial name as Hermetia illucens. They are harmless, small, rapid reproduce insects that potential providing solutions for green modern agriculture, especially the high-cost animal feed in the poultry, fish and seafood farming industry.

BSF’s short life give them the rapid reproduce ability as well as a reliable source of food for the chicken, quail, fish and potential other animals such as pet dragon.

How long does a black soldier fly live?

An adult BSF female can lay a large number of eggs between 320 to 1000 eggs. The tip to have BSF has higher egg production is the nutrition from the food they accumulated at the larvae stage, the more quality the food, the bigger size the larvae growth, then the higher chance they product high number of eggs.

Black soldier fly can live up to 45 days, however, in research has been done, the researcher found that the BSF can live longer if they provided the sugar water. The adult BSF doesn’t eat, they rely on the fat stored from the larvae stage.

Duration time for each life stage

There are main 5 stages in the BSF life cycle: Egg > Larvae > Pre-pupa > Pupa > Adult.

  • Eggs – The incubation takes around 3 days with the temperature 27 to 30 celcius.
  • Larvae – the duration for this stage can last from 4 weeks to 5 months. The environment is the key factor affecting larvae life such as temperature, the source of food. The optimal temperature is in the range 25 – 30 celsius.
  • Pre-pupa – This happens at the late stage of larvae, the only way to differentiate is the colour change to the dark brown and the larvae start migrating to the dry – darken site for the pupa stage.
  • Pupa – At this stage, the larvae completely turn to the black colour, all the activity will be stopped and they completely stop moving. The pupa stage will last for about one to two weeks
  • Adult – After emergence from the pupa stage, it takes a bit of time for BSF to unfold the wing. Mating takes about 2 days after and another 2 days before egg laying.

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